No Hate Rainbow Ring


This emoticon only gets funnier when you expand the face


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(   •   ‿    •   )

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"The greatest happiness is seeing someone you like stay happy."

- Daidouji Tomoyo, Cardcaptor Sakura


To be completely honest, don’t see anything wrong with a series gaining a bunch of new fans. I always look at it as an opportunity to make new friends. The only thing I don’t like is when people try to start drama, or basically say awful things about other people for liking a certain character. But yeah, it’s always great to see new fans.


Japan hotel and temple join forces to offer gay and lesbian weddings

Draped in wedding kimonos, standing in a Zen temple built in the 1590s, gay and lesbian couples have a new option for a commitment ceremony in Japan

According to the deputy head priest at Shunkoin Temple, Japanese buddhism doesn’t have anything against homosexuality (source: Mainichi Shimbun(in Japanese))  - cool :)

More Details at:
Japan National Tourism Organization


Can we talk about Ai’s pocket cat shirt?


isn’t this how most of the smuts start

You were so focused on the beauty of the food that you failed to make a balanced meal! There’s not remotely enough meat in there! You need more protein! With a lunch like this your muscles will never grow!
As athletes, eating a balanced diet is part of your training!
Gou imitating Rei  (⌐□_□)*・゜゚・*☆